Torment and Turmoil

So, ‘An Act of God’ is finished (although one can never really say that for sure) and has been sent to a handful of respected literary agents as I go through the rigors of seeking representation – not an activity for the faint-hearted or the weak of will, I’ll have you know. It is a minefield of rejection, each one a sucker-punch to the gut as industry experts cry in unison ‘sorry, this isn’t for me’. Soon though, a writer becomes impervious as a thick skin of nonchalance develops and later, protects and preserves the ego. It’s a waiting game which cannot be rushed and why should it be? The novel is set in 1953, so a few more months won’t hurt!

As for new writings, I have two novels in development. The first, is the last installment of the Daniel Miller trilogy entitled (for now) ‘Where Angels Fear To Thread’. Set in the summer of ’63, it tracks our hero as he gets wrapped up in the JFK assassination, but not as history has recorded it of course – I feel you’ve come to expect that from me. As for the second novelĀ ‘Threepiece Suits and Tracksuits’, the prologue and epilogue have been written (and blooming good they are too), characters created, and plot completed. All that remains is to fill in the missing 80,000 words in the middle (sure isn’t that the easy part?). It’s set in modern day Dublin and charts the course of three inner-city childhood friends, now grown adults, and their brush with the city’s drugs trade. I’ll say no more about either lest I give the games away.

Christmas is upon us of course, and if any of you haven’t yet bought a present for your loved ones then I can’t recommend highly enough the cracking novel ‘Into The Lions’ Den’, a link to which can be found on this website. You may even want to treat yourself as the evenings grow darker and colder.

Ta ta for now, wrap up, stay healthy in spirit, body and mind.